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Astrology is a science which also tells you about your naturally dynamic energies, and gives you a direction towards prosperity and self-realization when you become a true being with all the powers of the self to create anything you want. The goal of astrology also is to achieve greatness in one’s life and do wonders. The tendencies revealed within the horoscope can indicate distress or ease and success. Utilizing astrological healing remedies specific to Vedic Astrology karmic issues can be healed and transformed.

A Few Words About Us

Astrology is an art that is based on the movement of planets, stars, celestial bodies with respect to the position of the Sun and Moon. We can say that is the study of celestial bodies that can be studied with the help of birth chart and zodiac signs. The different branches of astrology help in getting effective solutions for many problems like Black Magic, Vashikaran, Nadi astrology, Vedic astrology, Indian astrology, Feng Shui, palmistry, tarot reading and crystal fortune telling. All these branches hold a very prominent place in the lives of believers. Although, many of the astrology branches belong to pseudoscience, still they are found to be very effective in diminishing negativity from lives of people.

Vashikaran Specialist India Astrology website Free Love problem Vashikaran


As the wheel of time spins into an advanced era of evolution, humans can now control many aspects of life, one most vital aspect being preventive to problems. We all know that a ‘horoscope’ is cast based solely on the date, time & place of birth of a child. The planetary configuration horoscope in turn decides the growth potential, personality, future etc. In other words 'horoscope’ is a picture of 'destiny’. Astrology has been considered to be a medium from bringing the right guidance in your life. As with Horoscope prediction of your future is done by the astrologer. This can be taken as guidance to move in the right directions in life and avoid the coming threat or at least can know how to deal with the threat when you cannot stop it. The guidance provided by the team of Indian astrologers can bring real change in your outlook towards your life with their right prediction.

Indian horoscope readings can make you emotionally strong to handle the truth and move for the better future accepting the present or past failure. So to get the right guidance to your future you can go for Indian horoscope readings online. Tabij astrology will give proper advice, insight into life and emotions with proper knowledge on several issues happening presently in your life.

The different zodiac signs reflect the personality of people; birth chart and position of celestial bodies decide the malicious effect of any planet. To get rid of such evil effects, our astrologers provide different solutions like chanting of mantras, horoscope analysis, vastu analysis, black magic solution, vashikaran, love relationship advice, astrology tools. If you surrounded by negative feeling then, hire the services of Tabij Astrology. Our services will provide you best solutions for different problems of lives. We are experienced in horoscope, vastu, black magic, love specialist, palmistry, numerology, astrology and horoscope reading. Call us today!

Who We Are? Meet Our Team!

Meet our top astrologers for horoscope, black madic, vashikaran babaji and love specialist

Vashikaran Specialist India Astrology website Free Love problem Vashikaran

Acharya Raman


He is an learned astrologer having experience of more than 25 years and give consult regarding black magic, vashikaran, love and relationship problems. Thousand benefited from his consultation.

Vashikaran Specialist India Astrology website Free Love problem Vashikaran

Umang Singh


He is a specialist in astrology and horoscope analysis. He deliver accurate prediction from date, place and time of birth for anyone to take precaution about future. You can contact with your birth details

Vashikaran Specialist India Astrology website Free Love problem Vashikaran

Rajat Iyer


He is an learned KP and lal kitab astrolger with experiences of many years. Besides this, he provide effective vastu solution for a peaceful life. You can count on his predictions.

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