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What is Yantra?

Yantra is the Sanskrit word for “machine” or “instrument”, which is essentially a diagram that represents Mantra or Chant which is used to achieve a specific objective. An Energized Yantra acts like a Machine to amplify the power of the mantras. Yantras carry religious significance & point the user to higher levels of consciousness. Yantras may be used to resolve debilitated planets, malefic influences, or to enhance certain aspects of life.

Types & Benefits of Yantras
  • Yantra helps you get rid of or simmer the ill-effects of malefic planets in life
  • It attracts success, prosperity, and good luck
  • It increases one’s profitability in business
  • A yantra It saves from psychic spells, activities, and other dark practices
  • Yantra provides internal harmony

The Yantras are customized according to the purpose. Like Yantras for good health & career etc. As a layperson, you would not know which Yantra is gonna be used & best for you. Ensure that you do not buy a Yantra without proper consultation.
Some of the popular Yantras are:

  • Sri Yantra: It used basically to enhance the name, fame, and overall personality and recognition of a person
  • Kuber Yantra: It is used for financial gains and holding on to wealth
  • Ganesh Yantra: It is used to elevate the fortune quotient in life and accomplishing goals
  • Navgrah Yantra: It used to soothe the effect of all nine planets and attaining peace in life
  • Saraswati Yantra: It is used to help students’ study well, improve their concentration and focus
  • Hanuman Yantra: If native wants to thwart off any danger before it reaches them, then a human yantra will be highly useful
  • Laxmi yantra: It is used to overcome financial difficulties
  • Shani yantra: It wards off all the negative effect caused by planet Saturn

Planetary yantras

To pacify malefic planets

Surya Yantra

To attain success in a career or life, one can worship Surya yantra. It strengthens the position of Surya in your chart.

Mangal Yantra

If you are facing a problem to find a suitable partner for you then you should worship mangal yantra.

Shani Yantra

To get rid of all the bad & harmful effects of Shani dev, this yantra is very helpful. It helps to appease lord Shani.

Rahu Yantra

It protects you against deceit from others and negative energies. It is an object of Meditation.

Ketu Yantra

Ketu Yantra is to please planet Ketu and helps in removing the malefic effects arising out when Ketu is malefic.

Jupiter Yantra

Jupiter yantra harness the boundless divine energy to generate positivity in and around you.

Chandra Yantra

Chandra yantra can help in maintaining the mental balance of mind and bestow peace of mind.

Sukra Yantra

Sukra Yantra wipes out the bad influences of planet Venus & renders good results. It brings your lifestyle on a proper track.

Deity yantras

To get the blessings of gods

Sri Yantra

Shri Yantra brings spiritual as well as material wealth. It is the ultimate solution to all the negativity in the life.

Saraswati Yantra

Saraswati Yantra bestows knowledge, education, music, creativity, spirituality & brightening memory power.

Kubera Yantra

Kuber yantra helps in increasing the flow of funds and the ability to accumulate wealth.

Laxmi Yantra

Lakshmi Yantra includes an increase in avenues of income, fame, new opportunities in business & growth.

Vashikaran yantras

To solve your problems related to love, marriage, business, and many more

Business vashikaran Yantra

This Vashikaran yantra Give you a valuable remedies for your business future

Enemy Vashikaran Yantra

This helps you in diverting your enemy’s mind from causing any harm to you.

Ladki Vashikaran Yantra

This yantra helps in attracting girls towards you who don’t even care for you.

Relationship Vashikaran Yantra

This yantra helps in attracting your BF/GF or beloved ones towards you.

Note: An energized yantra taken without consultation is of no use!

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