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Career & Job Problem Solution


What is career problem and job problem ?

The term “career” means ‘a person’s progress’ or ‘general course of action through life’. And in now days everyone in our society are very serious about their career that how could they get success in it ? But, sometime people will fail and disappointed in their career after giving a lot of efforts. And the reason behind it is planetary influence on our life. So in the case of different career problems or job problems you need the consultation of a good astrologer or a genuine astrological site. And in few years our site becoming one of the trustworthy site by the feedback of it’s clients.


Astrological Solution : Job Problem


Job prediction astrology

Like the different size of fingers of our hand there are different people living around us. And not all the people can get success by choosing a particular job option because that job may not suits to your astrological aspects. So for your bright future you need a right job prediction. And in our site you can get a genuine job prediction service by our astrologer.


Job problem solution

If you are facing problems in your job or you are not satisfied in your job or you are confused by choosing a right job for a good career then, you need an advice of a expert astrologer. Because behind our all problems there is hand of celestial bodies and it’s influence. And in this case our site can provide the best astrologer for your different types of job problem solution which is very impactable.


Yog of job in abroad

For better job opportunities every person want to go abroad and doing a desired job there. But it is very difficult for many people because of some problems like- financial problems, family problems and lack of opportunity coming from our work place. But it is not impossible because with the help of our astrologer you can know the yog or make a yog of job in abroad.

career astrology -Tabij.in_

Are you facing problems in your current job or searching a job ? consult with our job problem solution astrologer.

There are 90% people living around us, who are not satisfied from their job. And many other types of job problems they are also suffering like- not getting opportunities from workplace, not getting promotions at desired time and not able to maintain a good professional relationship at their workplace. If you are also suffering from these problems then you can take a help of job prediction astrology by our experts. Here in our site you can also get govt. job prediction astrology by date of birth, if you are looking for a govt. job. And all type of job problem solution you can get here.

How Can Tabij.In Helps You? provides all type of astrological services. You can ask any question related to your problem then our expert will analyze in detail and provide the best remedial solution. In today’s world astrology is the best tool to reduce your problem in very short duration of time.

Best career prediction services by kundli reading experts

Career is very important aspect of our life because the structure of our life depends on it. And through a good and successful career we can experience a happy and luxurious lifestyle. So every person in this world always trying to get success in their career. A lot of people don’t get success in their profession after giving a lot of efforts and they think the problem is in their efforts. But they don’t know due to the presence of ill placed planets in their kundli it all happens with them. To give you a best career solution our site provide you the services of career astrology free prediction and kundli reading for career.

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How to get the best solution for Career & Job Problem

  •   Find an Astrology service provider website like
  •   Call or fill up the “Contact Us” form on the website.
  •   Talk to the astrologer specialist over phone or chat and share your problem.
  •   Then follow the astrologer instructions carefully.
  •   And pay only after you get your desired solution.

Astrological Solution : Career Report

Career astrology prediction

  • Which educational career suits you?
  • Which professional career you prefer?
  • Which business is suitable for you?
  • Exact time of success in career, job & business

  • Career horoscope prediction

  • Chances of getting a govt. job?
  • chances of promotion & growth in career business.
  • What to do and what not to do in your career/business.

  • Kundli reading for career

  • Is raj yog present in yourkundali?
  • Remedies for any dosh present in your kundaliwhich troubles in your career.
  • Accurate Kundli reading report according to your horoscope.

  • Astrological Remedies

    To get job immediately

    •   Offer boiled rice to crows.
    •   Offer water to the Lord Sun, in a copper vessel with added jaggery every morning.
    •   Reciting the beej mantra of Lord Ganesha.(Om Gan Ganpatye Namaha)
    •   Offer a small amount of sweets made from jaggery to the flowing water body.
    •   Donating almonds to the poor and needy every now & then on Sundays.

    For job promotion

    •   Feed mixed grain (wheat, jowar, maize, millet, rice and pulses) every day to the birds.
    •   Donate a dark blanket to needy one.
    •   Put your right leg first while moving out of the house.
    •   Write Ram-Ram with red sand on 11 leaves of Peepal and keep on the forehead.
    •   Offer water on Peepal tree every morning and wish for promotion.

    For job interview

    •   Before leaving the house for interview or examination, eat Jaggery and drink a little water.
    •   On the way offer milk at hanuman temple.
    •   Recite the following chaupai from Ram Charit Manas for 8 times before going to the interview.

    Lal-Kitab Remedies

    To get a job

    •   Offer water mixed with jaggery and yellow flowers to the sun every morning.
    •   Offer bananas to a cow every Thursday.
    •   Offer pure and clear water to Lord Shiva Every Monday.
    •   Apply tilak on your forehead from Hanuman ji’s right leg thumb.
    •   Fast on every Saturday in the name of lord Shani.

    For job stability

    •   Feed a fresh Roti to the first cow you come across in the morning.
    •   Light 11 Agarbatti in front of the Ishta Devta and pray to the deity.
    •   Feed a handicapped person or impaired person for 21 days.
    •   Recite the following mantra 19000 times in 40 days.

    For job interview

    •   The first thing you should do is join your palms then look at them every morning.
    •   Recite “Om Hreem Suryaaye Namaha” 11+time while offering the water to sun.
    •   Carry five Gomti Chakra in your pocket while going for an interview.
    •   Hold a lime in your right hand and insert 4 cloves in it and recite the Gayatri mantra for 31 times.

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