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The Emperor is the tarot card that epitomizes authority and respect. What we learn from him is that there is a lesson in everything that life throws at us, so we should harness our inner strength and keep ourselves motivated to get through each obstacle. We are blessed with the experience of our elders, and we should use it to better our dealings with other people. It is also implied that we should not be cautious, and avoid getting carried away by fancy, as that can seriously hamper our discretion. The Emperor advises us not to take everything at face value and iterates that the best way to be truly sure of something is to jump and face the consequences, albeit after considering all the facts and evaluating our allegiances. This card stresses that we are not to be indirect or unclear about anything we do; there should always be a structure, a discipline, and control over chaos. At the same time, we need flexibility and practicality to avoid becoming over-confident or complacent.

Kindness will take you very far today. It’s not a show of weakness or inferiority to engage in that random act of kindness. Think of it as acting out of the generosity of spirit. The bigger your heart today, the more respect and cooperation will come your way. Make sure your kindness is genuine and from a genuine place. Then you’re virtually unassailable.



The Hierophant is the tarot card that symbolizes religion and spirituality. It chastises us for learning so much about religion, yet presenting it in a manner that is suitable to the people we interact with. While it is important to stay within the boundaries of culture and tradition, it is equally essential to examine our belief systems from time to time and adapt them when they are proved faulty. This card assures us of being eternally surrounded by love and spiritual well-being and implies that the door to heaven is close at hand. The Hierophant represents a method of learning within society, and imbibing values and ethics, in order to conform to situations in an appropriate manner. In a reading, this card can indicate that you are pitted against a restrictive force, that is suppressing your individuality. Here, it is important to view a group activity in a constructive manner and allow it to be an enriching experience, rather than a suffocating one.

The Hierophant is a religious figure sitting between two pillars of a sacred temple – though this temple differs from the one in which the High Priestess sits. He wears three robes – red, blue, and white – and a three-tiered crown, both representing the three worlds over which he rules (the conscious, subconscious, and super-conscious). In his left hand, he holds the Papal Cross, a triple scepter that signifies his religious status. He raises his right hand in a religious blessing, with two fingers pointing towards Heaven and two towards Earth.