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High Priestess


The High Priestess is the tarot card that conveys a message of serenity, understanding, and knowledge. It indicates that we should not doubt what we know, as we have a connection with unseen forces, that guide our subconscious thoughts. We are encouraged to look beyond the obvious, and develop our intuition in a way that it becomes a guide, and not just a lucky guessing tactic. The High Priestess is the guardian of our unconscious mind, and represents a mysterious, yet knowledgeable, side to our personalities. Along with this great power comes a great responsibility to use it to our benefit, and enhance our psychic awareness. We need to be as aware of the workings of philosophy and spirituality, as of nature and science. A better period awaits us, so it is our duty to respect the forces at work, and to wait patiently. As we conceive goals in our mind, we are advised to not act on them until we have developed them; in so doing we may even allow the goal to culminate successfully.

There may be moment or two when you feel responsible for everything in the world and like it’s your duty to take care of everyone. Relax, let this wash over you, and let it go. It’s not a burden so much as a demonstration of how connected you are to the people and things in your own life, and how much you care. That’s a good thing.

The Empress


The Empress is the tarot card of loving, nurturing, providing, and protecting. We are endowed with abundant opportunities to enjoy our life, and we should accept them in the right spirit, and with a positive attitude. Our actions are guided by love, and while this makes us vulnerable, it also gives us great strength. We should remember that what we get from life is a direct result of what we give. Sooner or later, our efforts will yield results, and the doors of opportunity will open wide. We are pushed to express love for beauty in any form, and unleash the creativity that is embedded deep within us. The Empress also reminds us to stay connected with nature, and grasp the full power of our capacity to create or destroy life and love. In a tarot reading, this card advises us to stay calm and grounded, as the essence of life lies in the acceptance of material and philosophical rewards with an open mind and generous spirit.

Clear up a misunderstanding and free up some time and space to begin something you’ve been wanting to do but felt beyond your means. You might also come to an understanding with someone who has been an obstacle for you, whether because of pride, some power struggle, or other kind of competition or misconstrued sense of prestige or self-importance. Today, you are the equal of anyone. Be gracious.