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In this busy schedule lifestyle people want an easy and quick way to find the best match for their marriage. And for these people online horoscope matching service is the best way by which they can get their best match. In different cities, the success ratio of Tabij.in for horoscope matching service for best match is given below.

Enter the birth details of both bride and groom after clicking below. Free horoscope matching will be done online and Marriage compatibility will be displayed as the result. Horoscope Matching is done based on the birth details and janma rashi of the people getting married.


Benefits Of horoscope matching for marriage

There are several benefits of horoscope matching marriage in astrology in case of marriage prediction some of them are mentioned below,

  • one can find the right partner according to their nature.
  • No issue will come after your marriage.
  • Your children will never affected by your relationship.
  • The love relation between you and your partner will never affected.
  • Relationship status between the both of your family will be good and healthy.

8 Horoscope Matching Guna For Marriage

According to Vedic astrology ,Online horoscope matching in kundali can be done using the Astakoota marriage matching system in which the eight gunas of both bride and groom are calculated on the basis of their kundali(bith chart).Horoscope matching with name can can find the compatibility between these eight gunas which decides the fate of a marriage. These Gunas are:

  • Varna : This guna compares the Varna or caste of the bride and the groom. The Varna of the bride should either be lower or equivalent to the groom’s Varna. It indicates the spiritual compatibility of boy and girl.
  • Vashya : This Guna helps in determining the nature i.e. which one between the two will be more dominating and controlling.
  • Tara : The birth star or Tara of the groom and the bride are compared to determine the health conditioning of a relationship.
  • Yoni : This guna signifies the intimacy level, sexual compatibility and mutual love between the couple.
  • GrahaMaitri : The intellectual and mental connection between the prospective couple can be measured through Graha Maitri Guna.
  • Gana : This Guna helps determine the compatibility between the personality, behavior and temperament of the two.
  • Bhakoot : This is the most important guna among all. Bhakoot Guna decides whether the match is raj jotaka or not. Also can foretell the state of financial prosperity and family welfare after marriage.
  • Nadi : This guna became the deciding factor for a match making because it tells about the childbirth, health condition, financial condition and the chances of being widow in a marriage.

Tamil Horoscope Matching by South-Indian Astrologer

The Tamil horoscope matching will include the natal chart or the rasi chart and the navamsam chart. This will also include the Lagna, or the ascendant in the chart. Placement of the planets at the time of birth is indicated in the appropriate rasis in the rasi chart. Online marriage matching is meant to be an indicator of the life history of the Jathakam and should be easily interpreted by any expert astrologer. Gets instant access to Free Horoscope Matching here at tabij.in

Koota Maximum Points
Varna 1
Vashya 2
Tara 3
Yoni 4
Graha Maitri 5
Gana 6
Bhakoot 7
Nadi 8

Ashtakoota Marriage Matching

Marriage as per Hindu tradition is advised only after the horoscope matching by date of birth of the bride and groom so that they live a compatible and happy life. The Vedic astrology advises considers horoscope matching very important for this purpose. Kundali has 8 categories known as Kootas. In turn they have 36 Guns which have to be matched for the bride and the groom. This system of horoscope matching as per the Vedic astrology system is also termed as Ashta Koota Milan.

Marriage Matching Techniques

As Per Your Requirements

Marriage Matching

According to Horoscope Matching, marriage is a well-known process where two unknown people meet together to hold their hands for prominent future life. Marriage Matching helps to find a perfect life partner by matching all the 36 guna with each other. It stipulates the influence of the stars on marriage life.

Marriage Matching By Name

Marriage matching by name is the process where both the birth name and the name given by the family members of the bride and groom should be matched by the process of Ashtakoota. By matching their guna astrologer check the compatibility of marriage between them for their successful marital life.

Marriage Matching By Date Of Birth

Due to the planetary position birth place, time, date varies from person to person. Marriage matching by date of birth is the process where the birth date of the couple should match to know the dosh in kundli and remedies for their jocular future marriage life. Birth date and time is the most important part for matching purposes.

Nakshatra Matching

Nakshatra Matching for Marriage is an astrological process from a very ancient age. On the basis of this process, we can determine whether the marriage between couples will work or not. Marriage cannot be finalized without the permission of planets and the analysis of Horoscope Matching.