Calculate the position of navagrahas according to your horoscope, kundli analysis, birth chart analysis, and remedies for kundli doshas by online Telugu Jathakam and Jathagam in Tamil.

Tamil Jathagam for marriage and birth chart analysis
Telugu Jathakam based on Date of Birth

A kundli or birth chart or jathakam is prepared with the position of navagrahas and stars around the earth at the time of a one’s birth. The navagrahas which have a measure role in Jathagam or Jathakam are Suryan, Chandran, Chevvai, Budan, Guru, Sani, Sukran, Rahu and Ketu. And through Jathagam kattam from date of birth in Tamil you can know about your problem and solution according to it.

What is Jathagam Porutham

Tamil Jathagam Porutham (Kundali-Matching in Hindi) is done to locate the best life partner for the individual. It guarantees that a marriage will be successful, and you will not face any marital problems afterwards. As a Kundali contains detailed data about an individual like characterprofession and employment life, future and so forth. Therefore, astrologers match ungal jathagam in Tamil to find the right compatibility for the person. You can contact a Tamil astrologer who can thoroughly read your kundli and give you suggestions to improve your life style. Jathagam porutham in Tamil (janam Kundali) has many usages. Astrologers use Kundali to forecast many future events so that any problems in future can be avoided at early stage. Some common usages of Kundali are:

  • Future prediction
  • Job & Career life prediction
  • Health & Relationship Prediction
  • Finding a life partner

Ashtakoot Guna Milan in Tamil Jathagam

Ashtakoot Guna Milan is the astrological system of matching the compatibility factors between the bride and groom. For approving a marriage, there must not be less than 18 Gunas match between the bride and the groom’s horoscopes. If the matching Gunas are less than 18, then the proposed match is not approved. If 18 to 25 Gunas match, then it is deemed as a good/average marriage. A best match is ensured when 26 to 32 Gunas match.


Make Your Janam Kundali through online Jathagam

In this modern world of technology, people are more inclining towards web and online products and services as it offers them more convenience. Therefore, many astrological service providers are going online to provide services through web. In the online Jathagam framework, user does not have to visit to the astrologer physically to avail the janam kundali related services. Rather they can simply upload their birth details like date of birthtime of birthlocation, etc to the online portal to make your birth chart online.


Parameters in Ashtakoota milan

Koota Maximum Points
Varna 1
Vashya 2
Tara/Dina 3
Yoni 4
Grah Maitri 5
Gana 6
Bhakoot 7
Nadi 8
Total 36

Jathagam Score

Obtained Guna Points Prediction or Result
Less than 18 Not recommended for marriage
18 to 24 Average, Acceptable match and recommended for marriage
24 to 32 Very Good, successful marriage
32 to 36 Excellent Match, Always Recommended

The most important aspect of Kundli matching or gun milan is the position of moon in the bride’s and groom’s horoscopes. The higher the number of matching guna points, the happier will be the life of the bride and groom, the more the compatibility is. The excellent match (சிறந்த போட்டி) is obtained when all the 36 Gunas of the bride and groom match.


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