UncategorizedWhy kundli matching is important for marriage?

Why kundli matching is important for marriage?

Vedic astrology always gives importance to Kundli Matching for happy and blissful married life. It is believed the Future of a Person can be predicted through his/her Kundli therefore Online Kundli Matching by a knowledgeable astrologer is a must before getting married. In Indian Marriages, Kundali matching has been considered as one of the most important factors. Although many people deny the significance of this ritual, astrology has a sound base to prove that Kundli Matching is an important step before getting married even in love marriages.

Significance of Kundli Matching for Marriage:

The first reason for Kundli Matching for Marriage according to astrology is to find out the mental and physical compatibility of the bride and groom. This includes behaviour, attitude, perception and understanding of each other which are the basic characteristics of a successful marriage. Physical attachment is also measured to know whether there is a good level of desirability for a successful life-long relationship.

To Know the Planetary Movement in your Kundali:

It is also important to know the planetary movement of your kundli to avoid hindering or harming the career growth and progress of the other person. Bhakoot the 7th guna indicates this effect. According to the best Kundli Matching website Tabij.in, by matching Kundalis wealth stability after marriage is looked into.

To overcome Dashas:

Kundli’s are also matched to remove the negative effect of Dashas on marriage and the future of the couple. During the Person birth, the positioning of various planets and stars decides his/her future. At times their placements are such that they generate Dashas like Mangal Dasha and Shani Dasha etc. Such Dashas gives rise to hurdles in marriage. With the help of Kundli matching Online these dashas can be detected and astrologers will suggest you perform some Pujas to remove these dashas.

For a Happy and Healthy Family:

With the help of Kundli Matching by Name, the health and Future of children to be born later can be revealed too. Nadi the eighth guna in the birth chart helps predict childbirth and potential problems arising around it. Since for a happy and healthy family the health and wellness of children is extremely vital, Kundli Matching with Name is important to know about it.

For Successful Love Marriage:

It is also important in the case of love marriages. Although the lovers generally want to skip this step due to possible negative results, this can help them to prevent future problems. As Free Kundli Matching also have solutions to the problems through various Pujas it only helps and making the relationship stronger. Our Tabij Astrologer can perform such pujas for couples to overcome various marriages related issues.

Overcome from Negative effects:

Lastly, kundli matching by date of birth can help in finalizing those marriages too where other things are ok but kundali matching creates problems. For such cases, knowledgeable astrologers have certain specific remedies which are called upayas in astrological language. Certain remedies can be applied to reduce the negative and inauspicious effects on Kundli Matching.

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