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Get back your lost love by using Kagaj par Naam se Vashikaran in Hindi

You will be amazed to hear that you can control someone by Naam se Vashikaran or kagaj par naam likhne se Vashikaran.Want to know which mantra can can be used to attract any girl towards you ?
Do you want to know how to do Vashikaran Naam se ?
Want to know which mantra can can be used to attract any girl towards you ?

Naam Se Vashikaran Kaise Kare ? Vashikaran means to control any person, so and vashikaran is done in many ways like capturing someone with photos or by someone’s name, then today we tell you that If you want to captivate someone by name, how will you do it? By the way, all these things such as controlling the husband or no work is being done, it helps to make that work or any other kind of human work, all this is possible with the help of black magic too. You can captivate any person, so know some ways by which you will captivate.

How does Naam se Vashikaran work ?

Do you secretly admire a girl? Do you see her in your dreams every other night ? And want to have her in your life but don’t have the courage to confess her about your feelings towards her ? And you don’t know anything about her except her name then, tabij.in can help you out by using naam se Vashikaran.

Cities Number of cases handled by naam se vashikaran service Success rate(in percentage)
Delhi 3295 91%
Mumbai 3821 93%
Hyderabad 2754 87%
Chennai 2686 90%
Know the mantra for Naam se Vashikaran in Hindi

To get your lover back, take seven betel leaves, water and vermilion on Friday. Now after dealing with bathing etc. Every morning, write the name of the person whose love you want to have on the betel leaves and make a pan bundle and hit the vermilion on it. Now after that dip these leaves in a water bowl and after that chant the mantras of Naam se Vashikaran in Hindi, then rotate the bundle of betel leaves from top to right and throw it away. Yes, you have to go infront of that girl whom you want to tame after doing this remedy. .

Kagaj par Naam likhne se Vashikaran

If you want to subdue someone by Kagaj par Naam likhne se Vashikaran , write her/his name on a blank paper and tie it in a black cloth. Now write number 4 with red ink on it and chant the below mantra 21 times daily for 7 days. Whichever name you take from this will be in your control. Chant the Vashikaran naam se mantra to get your love back too, And Friday will be appropriate for this. Because of this, start chanting the mantra from Friday itself. Keep in mind that you have to do this trick 7 times every Friday, only then your lover will come back.


The benefits you can get through the kagaj par naam likh kar vashikarn are-

  • You can get your lover back into your life.
  • You can improve and make stronger your marriage relationship with your partner.
  • You can convert your relation into a good and healthy relation with the head of your work place.
  • You can gain the desired attention from your lust and crush.
  • You can start a good relationship with your new neighbours and new colleagues.