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know how to control anyone using Nimbu se Vashikaran

Want to know how to captivate anyone with Lemon?
Are you looking for a Nimbu Vashikaran Specialist?
We Provide Vashikaran services such as Nimbu se Vashikaran, Nimbu par naam likh kar Vashikaran by our Vashikaran expertise.

Vashikaran is an Indian science of tantra mantra which is used to solve your every type of problems. Through the vashikaran service you can get best solution because the astrologers who are providing this service have experience of at least 25 years. And the nimbu vashikaran is a part of the vashikaran service which is used to solve various problems very effectively.

Nimbu se vashikaran

Nimbu is widely used in black magic and is used not only for one thing but also for many things. Bringing lust, passion and love to your friend, good luck in love affairs and sexual relationships.Nimbu se vashikaran is the simplest or easiest method of captivating.You can also use nimbu se vashikaran in hindi as per your comfortness to make it ease.

The benefits through Nimbu Vashikaran
  • You can get your former love back into your life.
  • You can use it to marry your desired person.
  • You can control or monitor any person in your life.
  • You can achieve the impossible.
  • You can fulfill your secret desire.
  • You can use it to remove all your problems and bring happiness in your life.

The success rate of our service of nimbu vashikaran specialist in different cities-

Name of some popular cities No. of services we provided Success rate (In percentage)
Delhi 1554 90%
Mumbai 1170 85%
Hyderabad 1155 88%
Bangalore 980 80%
Chennai 1240 92%
Nimbu par naam likh kar vashikaran

The procedure are as follows :

  • you will need 2 yellow lemons, a black cloth, a white blank paper and red vermilion.
  • On Saturday, you wake up in the morning and bathe in clean clothes and go to the temple and offer forehead to God there.
  • Now go to a deserted place with lemon, write your own name on one lemon here and on the other lemon write the name of the person whom you want to captivate.
  • After this, write the name of the person 251 times in green white paper with green ink.
  • Now wrap both lemons in paper and chant the mantra 251 times.
Nimbu ka Vashikaran Mantra
“Om Namo Naranaye Sarva Lokan Mama Vasayya Kuru Kuru Self”
“Gyani not measured Chetansi Devi Bhagwati Violence Graha Balda Krishi Mohai Mahamaya Parakashti”
“Om Harim Kurum Pischini (take the name of the person to be captivated here) in Vashiyam Bhavanti”