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What is numerology readings?

Numerology reading is a study, through which attempts are made to know the personality and future of a person by means of numbers. It involves using basic mathematical knowledge, to present basic details of different aspects of a person, ideology, topics of life, etc. Also, Numerology is popular with the term Number Astrology. The word, “numerology,” is the science of numbers. The Numerology word comes from the Latin root, “numerous,” which means number, and the Greek word, “logos,” which refers to word or thought. Name numerology is the important part of numerology that helps to find your lucky time by your birth name.

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Chaldean numerology believes that every number has mystic power. So numerologists make various favorable alternations in a number related to every individual to make success and achievement in an easier way. The solutions provided by our numerology experts have benefited numerous individuals, companies, investors, celebrities, and families.

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Number Meanings in Numerology

The standard numerology numbers are 1 to 9
Numerology Number 1Individualism (I am)
Numerology Number 2Partnership (We are)
Numerology Number 3Creativity (I create)
Numerology Number 4Work (I/we build)
Numerology Number 5Adventure (I explore)
Numerology Number 6Service (I support)
Numerology Number 7Mysticism (I believe)
Numerology Number 8Power (I lead)
Numerology Number 9Wisdom (I teach)

Numerology chart is the spiritual meaning of numbers. Numerology assigns a number to each letter of the alphabet in order to derive a single number for your name.  This number is your Destiny number.  The total of your birthday numbers reduced to a single number is your Life Path number.  These two numbers form the foundation of your personal numerology.  When you combined those you derive your Soul Purpose number.

Master numbers

Master numbers are duplicate numbers:
Numerology Number 11Briliance (I shine)
Numerology Number 22Community (We network)
Numerology Number 33Artistry (I Make truth)
Numerology Number 44Leadership (I Protect)
Numerology Number 55Individuation (I Authenticate)

Types of Numerology

Numerology existed in the earliest civilizations and has three primary systems in use in modern western society: Pythagorean, Gematria, and Chaldean.

Chaldean Numerology

This is also known as the Mystical Numerology reading. In Chaldean Numerology, the single digits signify outer influences and the inner ones signify the inner aspects of a person.

Kabbalah Numerology

Kabbalah’s Numerology reading helps people to discover and find their inner self and also helps them to accept the qualities that they exhibit so that they can work on themselves to become a perfect human being.

Western Numerology

Western Numerology reading or Pythagorean Numerology reading is mostly used by western countries today and is among the most popular form to be used till now.

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