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Today Panchang/aaj ka panchang is a daily Hindu calendar generated by analyzing Vedic astrology which enlighten you on Today’s Tithi, and auspicious and inauspicious timings among others. It is based on Vijay Vishwa Panchang, which is the rarest of Panchang, that is used by famous Astrologers since thousands of years ago.


Aaj Ka Panchang/Today Panchang

Tithi: Shashti up to 25:09
Sunrise: 05:23 AM
Sunset: 07:17 PM
Nakshatra: Shravana up to15:59
Yoga: Brahmya up to 05:55
Karana: Bava upto 05:10 PM
Karana: Balava upto Full Night
Paksha: Krishna Paksha
Amanta Month: Vaishakha

Hindu Panchang

Hindu Panchang plays an important role in everyone’s life by offering an insight into the important tithi (date) for a perfect prosperous work to start. Without taking the help of Panchang in Hindu religion, auspicious events like marriage ceremonies, vital events, inaugurals, examinations, interviews, starting new business and fresh beginnings are not carried out.Using Hindu Panchang, you can get all the information about the time, date and day to determine the most appropriate timings to begin an dedicated activity or a new venture, ignoring all negative impact and unnecessary struggles.

Hindu Tithi

According to astrology, Vedas Hindu Tithi or Thithi is the particular lunar day or the time taken by the longitudinal angle between the Sun and the Moon to maintain 12 degrees. These days may vary in duration and can be anywhere between 21.5 hours to 26 hours. As per ancient astrology, a Lunar month contain 30 Tithis or full Lunar days. These are again divided into 2 Paksha or Lunar phases, called “Krishna Paksha” and “Shukla Paksha” and every Paksha consists of 15 Tithis. As per the important Hindu Tithis which are auspicious and perfect, you can decide the best time to accomplish success and happiness in everything that you do.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is panchang?

Generally, Panchang is a daily Astrological calendar that provides valuable accurate information about a particular day based on the planetary and cosmic objects position. It consists of five attributes- Tithi (particular Day of the Week), Nakshatra (Lunar Mansion), Yoga (Luni-Solar Day) and Karana (Half Day). Looking into these five attributes, Astrologers determine the Muhurat(time) or auspicious timings to start any new important event or perform any Hindu religious rituals as well as bad timings that one should avoid.

What do term of Panchang mean?

  •   Sunrise and Sunset(date panchang)– The true and accurate length of a day is measured from one sunrise to another in the Hindu calendar. So, the time of sunrise and sunset put importance in Astrology. All important decisions are taken only after considering the position of the Sun and Moon.
  •   Moonrise and Moonset – Moonrise time and Moonset time play an important role in the Hindu calendar to determine the favorable timings.
  •   Sun sign and Moon sign – The Sun sign indicates the personality of a person based on the zodiac sign and is determined by the position of the Sun in a Zodiac in a birth chart at the time of his/her birth. Moon Sign disclose the emotional part of an individual’s personality, and is determined by the position of the Moon in a Zodiac in a birth chart at the time of his/her birth.

Auspicious Time/Good Time:

  •   Abhijit Nakshatra– This is considered to be a one of the most auspicious time for deciding ,taking up new tasks and for making new purchases.This is generally happend When the transition of the Lord Brahma happens in the Capricorn or Makar Zodiac sign.
  •   Amrit Kalam – This is the time for Annaprasana Samskara and for other Hindu ritualsas per panchang today. This is considered a very auspicious period.

Inauspicious Time

  •   Yamaganda– This is a bad time, and is an obstacle to any successful and prosperous venture.
  •   Dur Muhurtam – It occurs once in a day before Sunset. This time have to avoidbefore taking up any auspicious activity.
  •   Rahu Kalam – The period of Rahu is not considered to be good for any activities. Rahu’s bad influence should be totally avoided for any new.

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