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How to get rid from pitra dosh/पितृ दोष से कैसे छुटकारा पाए


Pitra dosh itself decode the meaning that pitra – father and dosh – problem. According to astrology and puranas pitra dosh is the karmic debt to the ancestors which shows in our horoscope in the form of the snapshot of heavenly bodies. In the birth chart, if the Sun is affected by the sight of Saturn, Rahu or Ketu or the combination, then the position of ancestral debt is considered in the horoscope of the native.

If two evil planets are affected by Guru planet and the Guru is in the 4-8-12th house or in low zodiac sign and it is poor by degrees, then this defect completely decreases and this Pitra Dosh is from the previous ancestor (Bap, Dada, great grandfather). Comes, which lasts for seven generations. The blood of our forefather flows in our veins. Our ancestors are of many types, because we were born here today and tomorrow somewhere else.

Lal kitab remedies for pitra dosh / पितृ दोष के लिए लाल किताब के उपाय

पैतृक ऋण कई प्रकार के होते हैं जैसे हमारे कर्म, आत्मा, पिता, भाई, बहन, माता, पत्नी, बेटी और पुत्र। आत्मा के ऋण को अपना ऋण भी कहा जाता है। जब कोई व्यक्ति अपने पूर्व जन्म में धर्म विरोधी कार्य करता है, तो वह इस जन्म में भी इस आदत को दोहराता है। इस मामले में, यह दोष स्वतः उस पर निर्मित होता है। धर्म विरोधी का मतलब है कि आप भारत के प्राचीन धर्म हिंदू धर्म के लिए जिम्मेदार नहीं हैं। पिछले जन्म के बुरे कर्म इस जन्म में हार नहीं मानते हैं। यह दोष ज्यादातर भारतीयों पर मौजूद है। स्वार्थ के कारण निर्दोष होने पर भी उसे सजा मिलती है।

Effects of pitra dosh

Being punished even after innocent due to selfishness. Heart disease and health becomes weak a person. Always suffers from mental stress because of always having struggle in life. A person suffers from lack of respect and dignity, as well as suffering on behalf of the son/daughter, problems of childlessness, poor health of the child or always having bad association of the child. There are other side effects of Pitra dosha – like many incurable and serious types of disease. Suffering from diseases received from generations or diseases that continue to be passed on from one generation to the following. Pitra dosha is also shows its effect on the women of the house. By pitra dosha nivaran puja you can get a fully free from the ancestors and the problems which are occurring by this.

  • लगातार स्वास्थ्य समस्याएं
  • मानसिक तनाव
  • सम्मान और गरिमा की कमी
  • संतान की ओर से कष्ट
  • संतानहीनता की समस्या
  • वाहक में लगातार असफल
  • गंभीर बीमारिया
  • परिवार में महिलाओं पर भयानक प्रभाव

Significator of pitra dosh

Different planetary combination responsible for pitra dosh. Each heavenly body have different harmful effects on horoscope. Location of planets in your birth kundali helps you to identify it by the below given table.

Sun Significator of self and ancestors
Moon Significator of mind and mother
Saturn Debts and obstruction sin life
9th House Past life,ancestors
2nd House House of linage or family

Pitra dosh remedies / पितृ दोष के उपाय

If you read about Brahma’s son and Manas sons in detail, then you will get to know who our ancestors are. From Afghanistan to Arunachal and from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, we are all children of Brahma. Our religion is Hindu and our religion book is only Vedas. So do not change your caste. So if we have any problems from our ancestors then it also be solved by the astrologer by the pitra dosh remedies. Below there are some remedies which helps you to remove pitra dosh from your birth chart.

  • Trapandi Shradh: Those who do not perform sradh at the death time of ancestors, they do it in the time of Ashvin month during the 15 days to pledge them.
  • Water to Banyan tree: Watering a banyan tree is like offering wate to forefathers.
  • Offer food to Brahmins: Native should offer food to brahmins on every Amavasya tithi.
  • Offer water to ancestor: Native should continuously offer water to ancestor for 15 days during shradh.
  • Donate food and clothes: Donate food and clothes to the helpless or poor people or you can donate it in the religious places.
  • Death anniversary: Native have to perform shradh on the death anniversary of ancestors.

Pitra dosh nivaran puja and mantra

There are various types of upay for pitra dosh nivaran. The major way to solve it by pitra dosh nivaran puja under the guidance of pandit. You can also perform it online, where all the planetary position of malefic planets are checked from the snapshot of your kundli and puja should be done in accordance to pledge the ancestors.

By chanting certain pitra dosh nivaran mantra you can moderately get relief from the dosha the manta is given below.

|| ऊं सर्व पितृ देवताभ्यो नमः
ऊं प्रथम पितृ नारायणाय नमः ||