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Pregnancy Problem solution Based on Vedic Astrology

Get details about pregnancy horoscope, and know how it can help you to solve your pregnancy/infertility related issues. Additionally, take the help of our pregnancy astrology service to forecast, the events during pregnancy

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When will i get pregnant according to my birth date free?

Couples who are seeking children should contact Vedic astrologers to understand the predictions and possibilities of childbirth and can plan accordingly. An honest consultation may be proper thanks to have a nourishing family and a healthy baby within the home. Also, based on the Pregnancy Prediction Horoscope free, If the reproduction activity of the couple is completed keeping in mind all about the planetary positions, then the result would be an honest , healthy and satisfying.

Pregnancy Prediction according to Kundli

Forecast your pregnancy events using your Kundli


Childbirth prediction in Kundli

If the kid conception takes place when Adana Lagna is afflicted as per the childbirth prediction in kundli, it might bring miscarriages and problems during the pregnancy period.


Child prediction by date of birth

Karak of children is Jupiter. When this auspicious planet passes house is in a favorable position. Jupiter’s movement facilitates children’s planning & our astrologer can determine the timeline.


Kundali predictions for child

Child Birth Prediction tithi & Nakshatras can assist you in taking the proper decisions at the right time and also will make sure the bright way forward for your baby child.

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According to My Kundali When Will I Get Pregnant Free?

Kundli Prediction for Pregnancy

Having a family is an integral part of married life. But there can be problems with pregnancy in every married couple. Most of us make the process of conception for granted but problems can arise at any time. If you are planning to conceive immediately after your marriage, or find the answer for when will I get pregnant predictions, here are a few things astrology can do to help you out.

  •   Free child prediction astrology believes in jewelry that will enhance your health and help you to conceive faster.
  •   The best way for the woman to conceive is for the woman to attempt conception during the same period that she was born.
  •   The woman should attempt conception when the moon alignment and phases are exactly the same as during her birth.

Pregancy Astrology By Date Of Birth Reports

In-depth report & effective solutions for progeny issue from all aspects

Conceiving Problem

Having trouble in conceiving a child? Can it be easy to conceive a child or pregnancy? Astrology for convincing baby can suggest specific remedies for a secure conception.

Miscarriage Problem

Are you suffering from miscarriage/abortion problems? Don’t be panic, it can be solved by astrological remedies for childbirth problems for a stable pregnancy.

Infertility Problem

Can Infertility be cured? Whether it is related to men or women, Pregnancy/infertility problem solution helps you to overcome it with 100% assurance for both.

Astrology for Predicting Pregnancy:Advantages

Astrological Benefits of Horoscope reports

Pregnancy prediction by Kundali can assist you in gaining insights into your upcoming parenthood events. With baby prediction by date of birth, you’ll avoid any future mishappenings beforehand. And it also helps you in taking the proper decisions during the time of pregnancy.

  •   You can know the proper time to conceive a baby.
  •   You can predict your child’s future beforehand.
  •   You can predict the health of the mother and therefore the baby.
  •   You can solve problems that will cause trouble in your pregnancy.
  •   You can find solutions for According to astrology when will I get pregnant.

Pregnant hone ki upay/tarike:

Essential tips that will help you include-

  •   Conception rates are higher before 10-20 days of menstruation.
  •   When the moon is located above the horizon.
  •   When the moon and Venus are transiting during the sun signs.
  •   When the moon is transiting through Jupiter.

आवश्यक टिप्स जो आपको गर्भवती होने में मदद करें-

  •   मासिक धर्म के 10-20 दिनों से पहले गर्भाधान दर अधिक होती है।
  •   जब चंद्रमा क्षितिज के ऊपर स्थित होता है।
  •   जब चन्द्रमा और शुक्र सूर्य राशियों के दौरान गोचर कर रहे हैं।
  •   जब चंद्रमा बृहस्पति के माध्यम से पारगमन कर रहा है।

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