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Make your fantasy come true using Sambhog Vashikaran mantra


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Get Answers To All Your Questions 

Do you fantasize all the time thinking of a particular girl or lady?

Do you want to make your love life as well as your sex life colorful with some unforgettable moments?

Do you have a secret desire inside but afraid to tell anyone about it?

Does one night stand fascinate you? And want to have one soon in your life?

What do you want from a girl? Is it a deep true love or a great sex life?

Do you see the girls or ladies around you in a lust full way? And want to make that lust comes to you automatically?

Sambhog Vashikaran might be the answer to all your questions. Physical attraction between a woman or man is natural. But due to the beliefs and rites of the society, female men hesitate to express their desire for it. Sambhog Vashikaran mantra has been used in India since ancient times. Its effect is very good, so people still believe in these mantras.

What is Sambhog Vashikaran?

Sambhog Vashikaran is a tantric method in which captivating a woman, girlfriend, or wife is desired by some specific subjugation mantras and rituals. The main purpose of Sambhog ka vashikaran is to make sexual intercourse. Intercourse should never be used for the wrong purpose. If you want a woman and you want that woman to like you and satisfy you without any force, then Vashikaran sambhog technique is a surefire way to captivate.

क्या होता है संभोग वशीकरण?

संभोग वशीकरण एक तांत्रिक विधि है जिसमे कुछ विशिष्ट वशीकरण मंत्रों और अनुष्ठान द्वारा मनचाही स्त्री, प्रेमिका या पत्नी का वशीकरण किया जाता है l संभोग वशीकरण का मुख्य मकसद संभोग करना होता है l संभोग वशीकरण का प्रयोग कभी भी गलत मकसद के लिए नहीं किया जाता चाहिए l यदि आप किसी स्त्री को चाहते हैं और आपकी इक्षा है की वह स्त्री आपको भी चाहे और बिना ज़ोर जबर्दस्ती के संतुष्ट करे तो वशीकरण संभोग एक अचूक वशीकरण उपाय है l

How to use Sambhog Vashikaran?

  • To do this, you have to take care of some necessary steps as follows :
  • Saturday or Sunday night is perfect to practice this mantra.
  • Take a bath at 10 o’clock and sit on the floor.
  • Keep a photo of any woman or man you want to have sex with.
  • Chant this captivating mantra 121 times.
  • Repeat this procedure for the next three days.
  • Roll your finger on the person’s photo.
  • While doing this Sambhog Vashikaran mantra, avoid consuming meat.
  • Always keep a photo of the person you want to tame in your pocket.

Sambhog vashikaran mantra in Hindi

When you are in desperate need of physical pleasures with that person and the person doesn’t respond then it’s time to do something about the same. Often teenagers and adults would be in deep love with someone and would want the same girl in bed as well. But the girl might not be ready yet for any physical relationship. In such a case, it would be better to chant Sambhog vashikaran mantra in Hindi and that would surely have great effects.

Sambhog Vashikaran Mantra:

ऐं भग भुगे भगनी भागोदारी भागमाले यौनि
भगनिपतिनी सर्वा भग संकरी भगरूपे नित्या क्लें
भग स्वरूपे सर्वा भगानी मे वशमानय वरदेरेते
सुरेते भग लिंकने क्लीं द्रवये क्लेदय द्रवय
अमोघे भग विघे क्षुम क्षोमय सर्वा सत्वामगेशवरी
ऐं लंक जं ब्लूं मै माओ ब्लूं हे हे मिलने सरवामी भगानी तस्मै स्वाहा

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