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It is observed that the image in the card has a lion who is stroked beautifully by a woman with ease. In spite of the lion being so feral, barbaric and untamed as a creature, the lady is in no sense petrified or panicky. Well, that is what the card depicts, strength and competence. It also goes to prove how optimistic a situation turns out to be if the ferocious nature and animal instincts combine with grace and a touch of charm.

Moreover, the fact that she can touch a lion without fear says a lot about her courage and valor. Hence, the card is all about being strong and powerful from the inside yet achieving it gracefully. Also, the woman is wearing a white robe which reflects the purity of her soul, and a belt of crown and flowers portraying the beauty of nature. One may also notice the symbol of ‘infinity’, representing her immense wisdom. All of this resembles the symbol of strength.Strength-Astrology

It may be fun to take a risk or two, but this is not the day for it. You can fight your way through any difficulty, but why make work for yourself or put yourself in harm’s way? Remember, harm comes in more forms than just what is physical. If you need to blow off steam and exert your power, maybe take it to the gym.



The Hermit is the tarot card that slows down our stride when we are charging ahead, so that we can stop and deliberate on where we are going. It is important to listen to the voice of intuition as it has a subconscious reasoning, and gives us time to contemplate. This card advises us to take some time off from our hectic schedules and be still, so that we can be guided along our true path, rather than run along in a directionless manner. It is important to observe the entire situation before we react to it. The Hermit symbolizes isolation, but this should not be misunderstood as arrogance. Rather, the card is a sign of introspection and solitude so that we can reach a higher level of awareness, and accomplish more. In a reading, this card indicates that we need to block the distractions in our life for some time, so that we can focus on whats truly important to us. If we are faced with a situation, this could mean passivity or withdrawal, until we comprehend the situation completely and are able to react appropriately.

Right and wrong are important, yes, but today equally or more important could be doing what helps the most or alleviates the most pain or difficulty for someone or something. It could be as simple as feeding a stray cat, but it could be much more complicated, especially if it involves someone you care deeply for. Try to see things clearly and don’t overreact about anything.