Free Tarot Card Reading Online

Tarot Card reading gives you a simple yes or no and straightforward advice. Focus on your questions and pick/ deck your card now!

What Is Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot card reading is a mystical world from many years ago! There’s much more than what meets the eye via a hugely attractive and interest Tarot cards’ deck. Many people view Tarot as a casual, spur of the moment fortune telling technique. However, contrary to the popular belief, Tarot is a much deepest and complex subject than what we thought to be. In fact, it is a distinctive combination of art and science. Art, because a Tarot Card Reader, besides a eager psychic ability, requires a great deal of intelligence knack and analytical ability in order to explain the tarot cards correctly. In the mean time, Tarot rading is also categorize in science, as it constantly aspire to produce reliable, compatible prediction results. A colorful and alluring deck of Tarot cards can simply be magical over your imagination! And, its magic can be aptly employed to soothe and help you to guide. It can help clear one’s confusions with valuable insights and advice them with a better consultation. And, can help one connect with his higher prosperity. This is the process helps Tarot makes as unique and more useful. Tarot focuses examine the past to address the current problems with a definite view on future to make a right decisions.

Types Of Tarot Cards

Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

The biggest block of the Tarot deck, 56 of the 78 cards, comprises the Minor Arcana. 40 cards out of these tarot cards fall exclusively under the Minor Arcana, while the other 16 cards also form a part of the Royal Arcana or Court Cards. If the Major Arcana can be said to carry the big picture, the Minor Arcana shows the specifics in the life of a person. Free tarot card reading is divided into four parts: The Suit of Swords describes the realm of the mind and intellect, our decisions, and insights. The Suit of Cups has to do with the things of the heart, things we love the most and care about. The Suit of Wands shows our power and life energy as applied to the situations/conditions and events we face in life.

Major Arcana Tarot Cards

The Arcana stems from the word Arcane. ‘Major Arcana’ means ‘the big secret’. The vital Arcana deck of Tarot consists of the first 22 cards in the deck. These cards show the vital events in the journey of life of an individual from birth to death, and rebirth. Each of these 22 cards has a particular meaning to carry, a definite significance. For the instance, The first of the Major Arcana cards, shows the innocent baby embarking over the journey of life; The Lovers is the card of the heart, love, and relationships; The Chariot shows an ongoing journey; The Death is the card of eternal change or rebirth; The Moon means the gaining of knowledge, and The World shows the end of the cycle of birth and reincarnation.

40 Minor Arcana Tarot Cards


  • Ace of Cups
  • Two of Cups
  • Three of Cups
  • Four of Cups
  • Five of Cups
  • Six of Cups
  • Seven of Cups
  • Eight of Cups
  • Nine of Cups
  • Ten of Cups


  • Ace of Pentacles
  • Two of Pentacles
  • Three of Pentacles
  • Four of Pentacles
  • Five of Pentacles
  • Six of Pentacles
  • Seven of Pentacles
  • Eight of Pentacles
  • Nine of Pentacles
  • Ten of Pentacles


  • Ace of Swords
  • Two of Swords
  • Three of Swords
  • Four of Swords
  • Five of Swords
  • Six of Swords
  • Seven of Swords
  • Eight of Swords
  • Nine of Swords
  • Ten of Swords


  • Ace of Wands
  • Two of Wands
  • Three of Wands
  • Four of Wands
  • Five of Wands
  • Six of Wands
  • Seven of Wands
  • Eight of Wands
  • Nine of Wands
  • Ten of Wands

Yes Or No Tarot Card Reading

Tarot reading Yes or No online is so much popular now, with its simplicity and straight forward yet has an accurate response to any yes no tarot reading you have, it is also very simple and feasible to use. With in a second by clicking a button, a card shown which represent free answer to your question just by the free tarot card reading tool and you are all set to go to get your yes or no tarot reading in an instant.

But if you like to get a real answer with a real person to advise you then we suggest considering a psychic reading session with our tabij astrologer with a free consultation. It’s fluid and malleable, and subject to change, though there are a core of yes no tarot cards that never will.

22 Major Arcana Tarot Cards


  • Strength
  • Hermit
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Justice
  • Hanged Man
  • Death


  • Temperance
  • Tower
  • Star
  • Moon
  • Devil
  • Sun


  • Judgement
  • World
  • The Fool
  • The Magician
  • High Priestess
  • Empress


  • Emperor
  • Hierophant
  • Lovers
  • Chariot