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VashikaranMantras & Totkas

Know the uses of Vashikaran Mantas and Totkas for the betterment of your life.

Vashikaran is not an evil workshop and it doesn’t includes any unethical activities that can hurt someone. And only by the help of Sanskrit mantras and practices this technique is done. So this is a wonderful technique which can give a lot of betterments to your life. But the thing is a lot of people are having a misconception about this technique, that it influenced by paranormal activities or supernatural powers.

Use Of VashikaranMantras & Totkas

The mantras and totkas which are used by the gods like lord Krishna and Lord Mohini to attracting and controlling the minds of other persons is called vashikaran mantras and Totkas. Basically vashikaran mantras are written in Sanskrit in our old Hindu scriptures. These mantras can be used for different purposes for different intentions and by the help of totkas we can know the using process of vashikaran.

Love itself is a very powerful feeling and to live and experience this feeling in our whole life is a very tough task. And to live an enchanted love life by avoiding all love problems you have to know the uses of 7 vashikaran mantras in your life.

1. Vashikaran mantra for Attraction:

||ओम चामुंडाय जय जय स्तम्भयतेजस्वी भंजय
मो मोहय मोहय सर्वेशे नमः स्वाहा||

Totka: Repeat this mantra for 108 times with a red flower and after doing this give it to your loved one’s/desired girl. Then you can see, she will attract towards you with in 21 days.

2. Vashikaran mantra for Control :

||ओम नमः वश्याम कुरु कुरु स्वाहा||

Totka:You can use this mantra to control the mind of your desired one’s, as you want. To get the complete results of this service, repeat this for 51 times with the name of person on which you want to apply. And do the chanting of this mantra with white cloths for an immediate result.

3. Vashikaran mantra for Strong Relationship:

||ओम् उड्डा महेशव्रे सरव जगमोहनय
आन ए ई उउ यू आर ट्रेज फाट स्वाहा||

Totka: If you are suffering from a bad relationship status and everything in your relationship is going through a wrong way and if you want to convert it into strong bonding and strong relationship, then this vashikaran mantra is very helpful. Do the chanting of this mantra for 101 times at the time of sunrise and sunset with your partners name. After doing this procedure for 3 days you can see the effect of this mantra in your life.

4. Vashikaran mantra for Lost love:

||ओम नमः भगवते रुद्राय द्रष्टि
लीखि नः स्वाहा दुःसह कन्सासुर जी
जूट जूट फुरे मन्त्र इसवारो वच||

Totka: Have you lost your love in your life ? Or, Do you face difficulties to get your lost love ? Then it is the right mantra for you. Repeat this mantra for 7 times with your partner’s name before sunrise and after sunset in front the photo or image of your partner. You will get good result of this mantra within 20 days.

5. Vashikaran mantra to Get love back:

||ओम नमो कात विकट घोर रूपिणी
कह वशमानय स्वाहा||

Totka: To get the lost love back into your life repeat this mantra for 21 times by holding any kind personal stuff of your partner. After doing it for 36 days your partner is getting closed to you once again. Specially do follow this procedure 2 time at Monday and Saturday.

6. Vashikaran mantra for creating a spark inside your loved ones:

||मोहिनी माता, भुट्टा पीता है
भूत सर वेटल लक्ष्य काली जो जा लग||

Totka: Mohini is the goddess of vashikaran and to attract anyone in our life, the blessing of this goddess is very needed. So to get the blessing of this goddess, repeat this mantra of Mohini for 7 times on daily basis. And you can see within 21 days the effect of this mantra can change your life. If you want to do this service under the consultation of our best vashikaran specialist then you have to only pay after results.

What is vashikaran and who is the inventor of this technique?

n simple words vashikaran is a technique of attracting the minds of our desired ones. It can be used for various purpose in our life. Lord Krishna and Lord Mohini who are the gods of our Hindu religion they have started using this technique to attract the minds of others at their time. So this technique is followed from very old time by the help of vashikaran mantras of these two gods. By the help of vashikaran, a person can not only attract the minds but also manipulate, enslave and control the minds of any person.

And these results make this technique a very useful and fruitful technique to solve any kind of problems. For the service of this wonderful technique, you have to consult with experienced person like Tantrik baba in Mumbai.

7. Vashikaran mantra for Instant solution of love problems:

||ओम् ह्रीं सह||

Totka:From the last few years love problems are commonly increasing in our society and to get an effective and harmless solution you need to consult with the experts who are providing best vashikaran service. And the mantra given above is one of the most easiest and effective mantra of vashikaran which can be used for any kind of love problem. And the procedure of chanting this mantra is- repeat it 101 times on daily basis.

The Different Uses Of vashikaran

Vashikaran is a technique of attracting and controlling the mind of our desired ones. This technique is can be applied on both of our loved ones and enemies to make our things done. It can be used on various types of people for various purposes. There is a list given below where/whom you can apply vashikaran-

On whom you can apply vashikaran ? What are the benefits you can get through vashikaran ?
Love partner You can get the desired attention from your partner and able to make your love life
blessed and cheerful.
Husband You can make your husband's loyalty always toward you and your husband always give
you the desired attention as you want.
Wife You will able to clear all the doubts from your wife's mind and make your marriage life un troubled
Boss/Team leader/a person from your workplace By using vashikaran you can get the desired opportunities or promotions from the
superior of your workplace.
Love crush By the help of vashikaran you can spark the love inside your crush and he/she will
be treating you like always you want.
Property dispute case If you are suffering from a property dispute case for a long time then by
vashikaran you can change the mind of your opposite person to create an
favourable situation for you
Enemies The person who always want your bad, you can destroy their thinking by using vashikaran.