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Wheel of Fortune


The Wheel is the tarot card that adds an element of good luck to whatever is going on in our lives. While it’s true that as we sow, so shall we reap, there are some events that just come out of nowhere, and bring unexpected surprises. So this card also reminds us that karma is a truth of life, and we should not ignore the effects of our actions on others. This automatically requires us to invest more time in our thoughts and actions, and be a little less self-centric. Our perspective is shaped by our beliefs; it is important to believe that to absorb new ideas and thoughts, we need to empty our mind of the old ones. In a reading, this card indicates a moment of truth, and advises us to take a step back so we can see it clearly. It is a very auspicious card, and it is very important for us to be able to discern the longterm positive influences of what is handed to us by fate, and see opportunities in every loss. The Wheel will start moving faster as we head towards a solution; we just have to hold on and trust that all will fall in place.

You may have made careful plans or scheduled everything to perfection, but there are too many variables today to allow most of your plans to play out. Things may come up, one after another, and make this a scattered day. This is temporary and probably will have little impact on tomorrow, so just flow with it best you can and don’t let the instability bother you.



As the name suggests, the Justice tarot card is all about being fair, honest and lawful in your day to day life. If you have been kind and nice to others, then this is a good card to represent it, especially if you have been on the other side (the victim). According to the image portrayed on the Justice tarot card, a woman is seen sitting in her chair with a two-edged sword in the right hand and the scales in her left hand. The scales depict intuition of sorts and the sword on the right hand signifies logic and the necessary things to do in life to get justice. There is also a purple veil in the background that denotes compassion whereas the two pillars signify balance, order, and law.

You have great force of will today and it could be easy to push around someone less driven than you. Try to do things right the first time so there’s less “clean-up” tomorrow, when people may be less forgiving or understanding. Do what’s important first, rather than what is easiest or the most fun. You can do that some other time but today it won’t work.